ARTEFAKTS is an artist’s studio and craft workshop offering some of the best art and craft classes in Singapore.

“I have been in the creative industries for almost 40 years as a designer, art director, and most recently as an art educator teaching graphic design and heading the art foundation department in a tertiary institution for 15 years. Teaching and sharing my passion in art and design has been one of the most purposeful and fulfilling, because I believe there’s a little artist in all of us… waiting to be discovered. Many lament that they “have no talent” in art. But art need not be frightening or difficult. As someone once wrote, “All it takes is imagination. You dream. You plan. You reach.”

Art calms your mind, and nourishes your soul. Come discover your artistic gift today.

Come discover the artist in you.

– Jeffrey Ang, Founder, Artefakts


Drawing classes for teens to adults. We get back to basics to help you improve your art foundation. Personalized guidance catering to learners with different levels of experience and abilities. Come, discover your artistic gift with our comprehensive and thoughtfully designed programmes. We believe art should be enriching, relaxing and therapeutic.


This is our humble tribute to artisans of the past. We want to honour their skill, fine craftsmanship and dedication to their craft. Our series of traditional handcraft workshops lets you relive the nostalgia of “handmade and handcrafted” and experience what it really means. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and flex those nimble fingers!


Enjoy the warm artisanal touch of handmade goods. Appreciate the charm and unique personality of each handcrafted piece. Since 2016, Artefakts have dedicated themselves to the tradition of crafting quality hand-marbled goods for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.


The making of Joyful Transition, a 1m x 1m mixed media marbling assemblage for Overjoyed’s new store at The Cathay, July 2019.


Artist: Jeffrey Ang

Title: Joyful Transition (2019)

Mixed media assemblage: Marbling on paper; paint on wood; compressed foam; plywood board


About the Artwork

The art of Turkish marbling or “Ebru” – with its mesmerizing and intricate patterns – has always fascinated Jeffrey. Joyful Transition celebrates this centuries-old art form, bringing together several traditional marbling patterns within a single abstract composition. Sometimes referred to as “the dance of colours”, Ebru requires discipline, practice and calm patience. This piece is especially symbolic as it marks the author’s third anniversary, transitioning from a graphic designer/art educator to a full time artist.

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