This fundamental drawing course is designed with the beginner in mind. You may already know how to draw intuitively but don’t quite understand why you only seem to “get it right” sometimes. Learning the rudimentary skills and techniques will ensure you can draw almost anything and “get it right” all the time! This course is over seven, once-a-week sessions, Monday nights, 7pm-9.30pm. New intake every two months i.e. June, August, October, December... Sign up for a trial session before you commit to the full course. Please click ``Book Now`` for more details, prices and lesson schedule.


This course focuses on basic geometric and organic forms as a means to understand form, plane, structure, as well as light and shade. Includes detailed studies of man-made objects and nature where you’ll observe textures, elements, organic shapes and patterns.


You will learn to draw from direct observation, not from photographs. This is a fundamental but essential skill that sharpens your perception for accurate eye-hand coordination. You will learn to draw what you see, not what you imagine. You will maintain a sketchbook to record your progress


Various stroke gestures (long strokes, short strokes) • Line (width, weight, pressure, consistency, fluidity, etc) • Loose sketching vs tight drawing • Develop a good artist’s eye (keen observation skills and sighting) • Using simple shapes to derive complex forms • Proportion • Tonal values and texture

Personalised Guidance

Learn at your own pace. Guidance based on your experience, ability and goals

Comfortable Studio

Feel at ease in our spacious, well-equipped artists' studio with a homey vibe.

Small Class Size

Class size is kept to a minimum for optimum learning and personal attention.

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