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ARTEFAKTS offers art classes in Singapore for adults and teens (13 years and older). We personalize our guidance to cater to learners of various levels of experience and abilities. Our intensive but thoughtfully designed courses means you get equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills in the shortest time

Teens – Adults | Basic Level


Designed for artists keen to expand their repertoire of subject matter and drawing skills to include interiors as well as the built environment, this course prepares you to cope with the complex demands of urban sketching, which may look deceptively simple but often requires a good grasp of linear perspective and foundational drawing skills.

Teens – Adults | Basic Level


Watercolour is an exciting medium. Its immediacy and transparency are some of its most sought-after qualities. In this course, you will learn how to control and harness the full creative potential of watercolours. The course is ideal for the casual sketcher interested in learning proper watercolour techniques to add colour washes to their urban landscape sketches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about an ARTEFAKTS art programme?

Our brief but comprehensive programme is carefully designed to equip you with practical core concepts and an immersive hands-on experience. Time is precious, so this focused programme is ideal if you enjoy learning at a breezy pace to achieve an optimised outcome within a specific, intensive schedule.


How are the lessons scheduled?

Classes are scheduled once a week. All courses are conducted 7pm – 9.30pm on weeknights, for 7 sessions. There is a new intake every two months, so you do not have to wait long if you missed an intake.


What happens if I can’t make it for one of the lessons?

Simply inform us if you can’t come. You can also choose to continue the remaining lessons with the next intake if you are experiencing a particularly busy work/personal schedule. This is good news if you are unable to commit to a regular weekly schedule.


How is the curriculum design?

The ARTEFAKTS mode of instruction is rigorous and comprehensive. Modules are based on pedagogically sound learning principles. Lessons are thoughtfully ‘scaffolded’ to ensure you are firmly grounded in the fundamentals before moving on to the next level, where you will get to apply concepts and techniques learnt from the previous lesson, and so on.


Do I need a sketchbook?

You are strongly encouraged to maintain a sketchbook journal throughout the course. The sketchbook not only allows you to practice your sketching/drawing/ painting freely without inhibition but also enables you to adopt a thoughtful, reflective approach to your learning journey. We will review your sketchbook regularly and offer appropriate guidance and feedback to help you improve. This reflective approach is one of the unique features of an ARTEFAKTS course. Finally, the sketchbook serves as concrete evidence of your artistic developmental process. Many students have expressed amazement at their progress when they eventually review their ‘before’ and ‘after’ drawings.


Does the course cover theory and technical skills?

We place considerable emphasis on developing sound theoretical knowledge and hands-on technical skills – both essential qualities for producing confident, professional-looking work. Throughout the course, we devote ourselves in explaining critical art theory and historical contexts as well as provide you with practical guidance on proper art techniques.


How will I benefit from this course?

At the end of the course, you will emerge with increased awareness of art fundamentals, as well as a greater sense of artistic confidence, fluidity and versatility.

Real Testimonies by Real People

Methodical Approach

As a beginner in need of guidance, I really enjoyed Jeffrey's methodical teaching approach and thoughtful pieces of "homework" and notes which helped me work on my skills in between classes. I finished the course feeling confident to continue drawing on my own. I also loved the bright and spacious studio which was perfect for getting into the zone. Thanks Jeffrey for your kind and patient guidance!

– Brenda T.
Attended Basic Portraiture

Patient and Jovial

Jeffrey is very patient and jovial as we explore the theories and do some practice work. Enjoyed myself and looking forward to next class.

Alicia H.
Attended Urban Perspective

Clear and Engaging

Artefakt’s Urban Perspective class helped me greatly in understanding the fundamentals of drawing perspective. The course was clearly delivered with a variety of interesting activities that conveyed concepts in simple ways. Jeffrey was engaging and answered my questions to the best of his ability. All in all, I found it a really satisfying experience to take this class.

Chin J. Xiong
Attended Urban Perspective

Improved Skills

The Basic Drawing class was extremely informative and engaging. I was really pleased to see how much my illustration skills had improved by the end of the class. It also gives you a very good conceptual understanding of how we perceive objects and how light interacts with objects when you are trying to depict them. The studio has a very peaceful atmosphere and was a great place to work in.

Oliver Ferry
Attended Basic Drawing

Tough But Fun

Jeffrey’s classes gave me the know how and confidence to draw using a variety of styles and techniques. I learnt and practiced new ways of looking at objects and appreciating art. It was challenging but fun, and I finished with far more knowledge and practice than I expected.

S. Brigham
Attended Basic Drawing

Great Learning Experience

Jeffrey was a great, caring and skilled teacher who taught me a lot. He tailors the course pace according to your skill level and clarifies any doubts you have. He has great teaching material and the room has a great environment to imbue a sense of calmness to aid in putting you in a relaxed mood as you learn. He is also flexible with the timings to suit your schedule. Definitely enjoyed myself.

Quek Jian D.
Attended Urban Perspective Course

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