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Enjoy the artisanal touch of handmade goods

You love the warmth and unique personality of a hand-crafted gift. You appreciate the charm of the occasional odd irregularities in the handiwork. After all, you understand that each piece is uniquely hand-crafted and each mark bears testimony to the artisan and maker. Since 2016, Artefakts has been one of Singapore’s premier art studios specializing in authentic paper marbling experiences for the local and expat community. Co-founders husband and wife duo Jeff and Ching have dedicated themselves to the tradition of this centuries-old craft and are committed to crafting quality hand-marbled goods for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Artefakts | Sketchbook Journal


The muted hues and subtle tones of this Premium Collection convey a sense of refinement and quiet sophistication. Excellent as corporate gifts for your valued business associates and clients, as well as personal gifts to show your heartfelt appreciation for the people you care.

Artefakts | Sketchbook Journal


The Artist’s Collection is characterized by vibrant and expressive designs reflecting a youthful and liberal attitude, trendy yet closely embracing tradition. Expect experimental patterns with louder, bolder colors, infused with a sense of energy and adventure.

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