Without the right guidance and understanding, portraiture is often one of the most daunting assignments for any art student. The key to good portraiture is to start with the basic proportions of the face. Overcome your anxiety as we guide you through our step-by-step process. This course is designed for beginners with little or no previous drawing experience.


Even the slightest misjudgment of proportion can make a face look “off” or awkward. And that’s not even trying to represent likeness. Hence the importance of maintaining accurate proportions in portraiture. Learning the basic measurements and relative positions of various facial features – eyes, eyebrows, ears nose and mouth – is critical to developing a good understanding of portraiture.


Overcome your anxiety as we guide you through our step-by-step process. With the help of 3D busts, photographic references, as well as detailed studies, you will learn to construct the various parts of the head and face. You will study and practice each feature, paying special attention to its volume and form and their appearance from different angles.


Proportions of the Head • Basic Anatomy of the Head • Facial features in detail: Eyes, Eye Brows, Ears, Nose, Mouth • Rendering Hair • Various stroke gestures (long strokes, short strokes) • Line (width, weight, pressure, consistency, fluidity, etc) • Loose sketching vs tight drawing • Develop a good artist’s eye (keen observation skills and sighting) • Accurate proportions • Tonal values and texture

Personalised Guidance

Learn at your own pace. Guidance based on your experience, ability and goals

Comfortable Studio

Feel at ease in our spacious, well-equipped artists' studio with a homey vibe.

Small Class Size

Class size is kept to a minimum for optimum learning and personal attention.

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