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With the onset of the digital age today, humans have a new-found craving for authenticity in things that they watch, read, hear and touch. This is why we see that handcrafted work is having such a huge resurgence today, given that it is done by a pair of hands and not via an automated mass production chain. Typography and calligraphy, no less, are riding on this trend and are often used as a vehicle of visual communication, with an added element of human touch and perfect imperfections.


In this course, students will be equipped with a solid theoretical understanding on the anatomy of type and by the end of the course, be able to creatively express themselves with the work they create and have a new-found appreciation for a creative art form that is greatly grounded in history.


2-week lesson plan, 3.5 hours each:


1st Week

  1. Introduction to Calligraphy, Lettering, Typography
  2. Areas of Lettering and Calligraphy Applications
  3. Relevant tools and materials
  4. Theory on anatomy of type
  5. Body Posture
  6. How to hold your brushpen
  7. Utilizing different body movements
  8. Paper and pen placement
  9. Principle skills of brushlettering
  10. Basic strokes and demonstration of common mistakes
  11. Drills
  12. Ratio study
  13. Lowercase letterforms rundown in family groups


2nd Week

  1. Perfecting a letter, to two letters to form words and sentences
  2. Ratio practice
  3. Good practice words + common words for cards
  4. Practising on alternate paths
  5. Letter variations
  6. Approach and detailed breakdown of Modern Calligraphy
  7. Faux Calligraphy how-to
  8. Developing your own unique style
  9. Transfer your artistic vision from pen to paper and create your own masterpiece
  10. Digitalization demonstration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with playback video and notes


Materials you’ll receive

  1. Notes
  2. Structured exercise & practice sheets
  3. Guide sheets
  4. Brush Pens


About The Teacher

Leah Chong is a lettering artist, muralist and designer based in Singapore. Known for her versatility in calligraphy and lettering styles and adaptive problem-solving approach, she has created work for clients like Google, Van Cleef & Arpels, Canon Singapore and American Express and has taught classes in partnership with National Library Board, Singapore Press Holdings, Naiise, Singapore Management University and *SCAPE.


Read what students have said about her classes:

"While being both systematic and organised, she also encourages us to play, explore and try out alternative lettering methods so that we can find a style that we're comfortable with."  – Stef Hew-Nakatani


“To excel at a subject, it’s important to have first understood it well. I really love Leah’s way of teaching where she will always provide a comprehensive overview before zooming into the details. The classroom outline is systematic and organized. And Leah makes the technicalities and concepts easy to understand. Definitely, she’s the go-to person for learning brush lettering and the like!” — Kianne Lim


“If you are looking to learn brush calligraphy, look no further. Leah will teach you a whole range - from history, terminology, basics. She has made brush calligraphy less daunting, breaking it down and making it easier to digest- from basic strokes to what can go wrong. She is very friendly, encouraging, helpful, very humble and open to feedback. Take her class, it won’t disappoint.” — Ng Shu Ying


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Workshop Fee

$260.00 per pax
Duration: 3.5 hrs x 2 sessions

Course Schedule

Saturday mornings – details on booking page
Max class size: 8

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