Course Schedule

Full-time: Thursdays 9:00am - 5:00pm
Part-time: Thursdays 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Course Fee

Total training hours: 21 hours


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Eligible for SkillsFuture funding (Course Code: CRS-N-0042006)


About this course

This essential preparatory and introductory course is specially designed to equip beginners with a solid foundation in colour theory and its application. Students will be guided through a series of hands-on practical exercises that aim to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of colour vocabulary, colour mixing using acrylic paints, colour schemes, contemporary design applications, as well as colour psychology and symbolism. Students will also be exploring various wet (acrylic, watercolor and gouche) and dry media (oil pastels, chalk pastels, and colour pencil).


Aims and Objectives

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  2. Explain the difference between value, tints, tones, and shades
  3. Explain the symbolism of colours and practical applications
  4. Develop visual acuity to identify colour keys and mix colours accurately
  5. Explain colour relationships
  6. Apply colour schemes based on colour relationships
  7. Apply tints, tones and shades


Broad topics

  1. The Colour Wheel
  2. Colour Values: Hues, Tints, Tones, Shades
  3. Colour Schemes
  4. Colour Keys
  5. Basic Composition
  6. Art elements


Tools and materials provided

  1. Cyan, magenta, yellow, black (CMYK) acrylic process colours + white
  2. Flat and round brushes
  3. Acrylic paper
  4. Rags; container for rinsing brushes; disposable palette
  5. Aprons

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What happens if I miss a lesson?

We understand that as a busy working adult with multiple schedules to juggle, you may sometimes have to miss a lesson here and there due to last minute work commitments or family matters. At ARTEFAKTS, we adopt an open attendance approach and you will not be penalised or charged for missed lessons. Make-up sessions for missed lessons can be arranged at your convenience but must be utilised within 30 days from date of the missed session.