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About this Workshop

Have fun while creating fascinating, one-of-a-kind patterns!

Marbling involves floating paints on a surface of thickened liquid and manipulating them to create patterns. This process involves the use of brushes, combs, sticks and other implements to ensure the paint drops around to make swirls, flowers, and organic shapes. It’s then followed by laying specially prepared paper on top of the liquid to pick up the paints. The end results in a unique, beautiful pattern that transforms into abstract art!


Come enjoy and experience this ageless art form in an inspiring artist’s studio. Be mesmerized as you watch fascinating patterns emerge when creating your very own unique work of art.

Note: Children of 10 -13 yrs should be accompanied by an adult.



What will I learn in this workshop?

  1. Origins of paper marbling
  2. How to prepare the marbling medium or size
  3. How to prepare paper to receive ink
  4. Various techniques for creating basic marbling patterns, such as stone, gel-git, peacock, non pareil, bouquet, etc

All materials, including marbling tray, tools, and aprons will be provided.

*Note: To allow adequate drying and setting, all marbled papers will be mailed to participants via local post after the workshop.


What happens if I miss a lesson?

We understand that as a busy working adult with multiple schedules to juggle, you may sometimes have to miss a lesson here and there due to last minute work commitments or family matters. At ARTEFAKTS, we adopt an open attendance approach and you will not be penalised or charged for missed lessons. Make-up sessions for missed lessons can be arranged at your convenience but must be utilised within 30 days from date of the missed session.


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