The Artefakts Story

"Don't let the voice of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice."

– Steve Jobs

It took me great courage to strike it out on my own, at 57, after working in the creative industry and education field for more than 33 years. Many said I was crazy to leave my safe, comfortable job. But then, a little voice inside me was telling me otherwise...




Hello and Welcome!


I’m Jeffrey, founder of ARTEFAKTS Art • Craft • Design, and I’m deeply passionate about art, craft, graphic design as well as education.


I've been a design professional in the creative industry for 18 years holding positions from senior designer to art director in design agencies, major publishers, as well as designing museum exhibitions, before moving into an academic career teaching art and graphic design in a tertiary institution for the last 15 years. Read more... Founder's Profile


ARTEFAKTS was born so I could continue to share my passion and rich experience with you. I dedicate ARTEFAKTS to anyone with an interest in drawing, painting, sculpture, relief printmaking, silkscreen printing. If you’ve always had a secret yearning to create and express yourself artistically, come join us for art jamming, or one of our short, weekend fun ‘crafty’ workshops and discover the artist in you! Or if you have a bit more time on your hands, why not sign up for one of our art courses for a better foundation in sketching, drawing or painting. Classes are kept small for a warm, friendly atmosphere as well as for effective learning.


If you're an artist, designer or craft hobbyist looking for a short-term inspiring art studio to do your work, come enjoy our open, light-filled studio designed to inspire your imagination. Feel right at home in our cozy studio whether you’re working on your drawing, painting, sculpture, or printmaking projects. Take your time. Relax and chill. Mingle and make friends with other like-minded people just like you – creative, warm and friendly.


I'm interested to find out more about...

Art Jamming  Art Courses

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Thanks for visiting our ARTEFAKTS website. Really look forward to welcoming you in our studio soon! See ya!


Jeffrey Ang




Jeffrey Ang, Founder, ARTEFAKTS

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