Linocut printing is a traditional method of making limited edition prints from a carved linoleum block. Believed to have originated around 1912 from Russian Constructivist artists, most prints then were made purely in black and white. However, around early 1920s, linocut prints with colour began to surface in the UK. Picasso and Matisse are among some of the notable artists known to have produced linocut prints.


Linocut printing is a form of fine art printmaking where the printing plate is a hand-carved piece of linoleum block. The block is then inked, a piece of paper placed over it, and then pressure is applied by hand or printing press to transfer the ink onto the paper. The result, is a linocut print. In this workshop for beginners, you will use a softer rubber block which is easier to carve than traditional hard linoleum.


In both mono- and duo-colour workshops, you will be introduced to basic techniques of linocut carving and printing. You will first practise mark making with various carving blades. Once you are ready, you will carve the block. Finally, you will ink and print the image onto washi paper. This workshop takes you through the entire linocut printmaking process with easy step-by-step instructions.


All materials required for the workshop will be provided. This includes a piece 10cm x 15cm soft lino rubber block (two pieces if you are signing up for duo-colour workshop), carving tools, tracing paper, pencil, as well as quality Speedball block printing inks (various colours), brayers, inking trays and aprons. You will take home your carved lino blocks and the printed pieces.

Mono-colour Linocut Workshop

In this single-session workshop, you will design, transfer the image, and carve onto a lino block. You can print the single colour image in a colour of your choice. You will go home with a carved linoleum block, which you can reuse to print multiple times, and a few copies of your mono-colour linocut print.

Duo-colour Linocut Workshop

This workshop consists of two separate 2.5 hr sessions conducted over two weekends. Session One will be devoted to designing, transferring the image, and carving the two-part lino blocks. For Session Two, you will test print and refine your linocut image, and finally print your design in a variety of two-color combinations.


Experience and appreciate the unique handmade feel of a linocut print. Book your slot today! Cautionary note: Due to the use of sharp carving tools, please understand that participants should be 13 years or older. Children 12 years and below should be supervised by a responsible adult.

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