Designed for artists keen to expand their repertoire of subject matter and drawing skills to include interiors as well as the built environment, this course prepares you to cope with the complex demands of urban sketching, which may look deceptively simple but often requires a good grasp of linear perspective and foundational drawing skills. This course is conducted over seven, once-a-week sessions, Wednesday nights, 7pm-9.30pm. New intake every two months i.e. February, April, June, August, October, December... Sign up for a trial session before you commit to the full course. Please click ``Book Now`` for more details, course fee and lesson schedule.


This beginners course starts off with the fundamentals of linear perspective. You will start with a firm grounding on the principles of one- and two-point perspective. There will be exercises and hands on practice to get you comfortable with visualizing objects and interiors in proper perspective. You will gradually loosen up your sketches into a more fluid and expressive style.


One of the key highlights of this course is the indispensable understanding of linear perspective, which together with strong composition and attention to details, will add depth and structure to your urban landscapes. Also included is an opportunity to step out of the classroom for an outdoor ``plein air`` sketching, so make sure you have your hat and suntan lotion ready!


One-point; two-point; three-point perspective • The concept of vanishing point and eye-level • Sighting & measurement • Basic composition • Basic interiors and exteriors in proper perspective • Light & shade • Tone & contrast • Pen cross hatching techniques • Rendering trees & foliage • Adding figures for scale and human interest • Tips for outdoor sketching

Personalised Guidance

Learn at your own pace. Guidance based on your experience, ability and goals


Put your studio techniques into practice with a live outdoor sketching session.

Small Class Size

Class size is kept to a minimum for optimum learning and personal attention.

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